Biomass Gasification
Technology and Utilisation

Gasication for Energy Supply

Rural areas in the developing countries are characterized by disperse population and a lack of infrastructure . Energy is the basic mean in improving the living standard and productivity. Energy is required in household for lighting and running electrical appratus such as TV and Radio. Energy is also demanded in agriculture for operating irrigation pumps and other machinery such as thresher.

Gasifier-engine system combined with generator provides electrical energy for lighting, and other household purposes. Small scale gasifier system (10-30 kw) would be appropriate for multitudes of village applications in developing countries.

Gasifiers, when integrated with engines, provide mechanical power which can be used for running automobiles and many other stationary machinery. The use of downdraft gasifiers fueled with wood or charcoal to power cars, lorries, buses, trains, boats and ships has already proved itīs worth in the past. Before and during second world war, gasifiers were largely used to power vehicles. Most of the gasoline and diesel driven vehicles during this period were converted to producer gas drive.

Reseach in the past shows that compared to gasifiers fueled with wood or agricultural residues, charcoal gasifiers present less operational problems and are be recommeded for village level applications. Micro scale gasification systems (1-10 kw) can be used by small and medium farmers for providing power to irrigation system. The equipment shall be small, cheap, simple and transportable.

If firewood is available in sufficient amount without any danger to forest, gasifier can serve as an option for energy supply in remote areas. Because of great concern for conservation of forests and availability of fossil fuels, gasification is not seen as universally applicable technology, but act as a component within range of available regnerative energies. It can be a valuable supplement to wind, solar and hydropower.

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