Biomass Gasification
Technology and Utilisation

Producer Gas and itīs Constituents

Producer gas is the mixture of combustible and non-combustible gases. The quantity of gases constituents of producer gas depends upon the type of fuel and operating condition.

The heating value of producer gas vary from 4.5 to 6 MJ/m 3 depending upon the quantity of itīs constituents. Carbon monoxide is produced from the reduction of carbon dioxide and itīs quantity varies from 15 to 30 % by volume basis . Although carbon monoxide possses higher octane number of 106, itīs igniton speed is low. This gas is toxic in nature. Hence, human operator need to careful while handling gas .

Hydrogen is also a product of reduction process in the gasifier. Hydrogen posses the octane number of 60-66 and it increases the ignition ability of producer gas. Methane and hydrogen are responsible for higher heating value of producer gas. Amount of methane present in producer gas is very less ( upto 4 %). Carbon dioxide and nitrogen are non-combustible gases present in the producer gas. Compared to other gas constituents, producer gas contains highest amount ( 45-60 %)of nitrogen. The amount of carbon dioxide varies from 5 to 15 %. Higher percentage of carbon dioxide indicates incomplete reduction . Water vapours in the proudcer gas occurs due to moisture content of air introduced during oxidation process, injection of steam in gasifier or moisture content of biomass fuels.

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