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Chandrakant Turare´s
Curriculum Vitae


Name : Chandrakant Turare
Date of birth : Nov. 3, 1968
Languages known : English, German, Hindi, Marathi
Home Town : Karad , Dt : Satara , Maharashtra State, INDIA
Current Residence : Flensburg , GERMANY

Academic Qualification

Bachelor of Technology

College of Agric Engineering
Akola, Maharashtra. (India)
June 87 - June 91
Master of Technology
Power and

Indian Institute of Technology
IIT, Kharagpur (India)
June 91- December 92
Master of Science

ARTES Institute, University of
Flensburg (Germany)
Octomber 96 -June 98

Work Experience

Position / Organisation Period / Duties
Research Engineer
ASPEE Research Institute,
Janu. 93- Dec. 93 ( 1 year)
Development of air carrier sprayers,
Imparting training to graduate student
Senior Research Asstt
Indian Institute of Technology
(IIT) Bombay
Dec 93 - March 96 (2 1/2 years)
Design of suitable agric. machines for local conditions,
Transfer of technology to rural areas

Research Publications & Presentation

  1. S.N.Solanki, R.T. Ramteke, C.B.Turare, " Comparative Study of Mini Power Tiller and Bullock Drawn or other Manual Implements, New Approaches in Agricultural Technology, 1 : 7-10, 1992.

  2. C.B.Turare, M.B.Duddalwar,"Development & Performance Evaluation of Mini Power tiller", Journal of Agricultural Engineering, Vol.75, 62-63,1995.

  3. C.B.Turare, G.S.Inlge,"Design and Development of Medium Power Air Carrier Sprayer for Mango Orchard", Journal of Rural Technology Vol.6(1), 29-43,1994.

  4. C.B.Turare, "Air Carrier Spraying- Utility, Problems, and Prospects in India", Jouranl of Rural Technologoy,Vol.6(2),101-106,1994.

  5. C.B.Turare, N.G.Shah,P.Vasudevan," Design and Development of Riding type Power Tiller",Paper presented in XXXI Convention of Indian Society of Agric. Engineers (ISAE), Trichur, Dec.1995

  6. C.B.Turare, A.C.Pandya,G.S.Ingle "Effect of System Pressure and Travel Speed of Tractor Mounted Air Carrier Sprayer on Droplet Deposition on Mango tree", International Journal of Agricultural Mechanization In Asia, Africa and America (AMA),Vol.26,No.4, Autumn 1995

  7. C.B.Turare, " Energy Options for Urban Household in India", paper submitted for Publication in the journal of Boiling Point, Intermediate Technology Group, UK

Academic Awards & Scholarships

  1. National Merit Scholarship after SSC (10 th.std.)
  2. PKV merit Scholarship during B.Tech degree course at Colleg of Agric. Engg, Akola
  3. GATE scholarship during M.Tech degree course at IIT, Kharagpur
  4. DAAD Scholarship for M.Sc study in University of Flensburg, Germany

Co-curricular Activities / Membership

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