Biomass Gasification
Technology and Utilisation

Troubles with Gasification System

Gasification is quite complex and sensitive process. There exists high level of disagreement about gasification among engineers, researchers, and manufacturers. Many manufacturers claim that their unit can be operated on all kinds of biomass. But it is quite questionable fact as phyiscal and chemical properties varies fuel to fuel.

Operation of diesel or gasoline engine is simple. Engine starts immediately and there is no trouble within the run. Handling of liquid fuel is also easy task. Anybody expecting something similar will be disappointed with operation of gasifier. It requires atleast half an hour or more to start the system. Fuel is bulky and frequent refuelling is often required for continuous running of the system. Handling residues such as ash, tarry condensates is time consuming and dirty work. Driving with producer gas feuled vehicles requires much more and frequent attention than gasoline or diesel fueled vehlicles

Getting the producer gas is not difficult, but obtaining in the proper state is the challenging task. Gasoline and diesel have quite homogenous property. The physical and chemical properties of producer gas such as energy content, gas composition and impurities vary time to time. All the gasifiers have fairly strict requirements for fuel size, moisture and ash content. Inadequate fuel preparation is an important cause of technical problems with gasifiers.

Gasifier is too often thought of as simple device that can generate a combustible gas from any biomass fuel. A hundred years of reseach has clearly shown that key to successful gasification is gasifier specifically designed for a particular type of fuel.Those interested in this technology must remember that it requires hard work and tolerence. Although technology is inconvenient, it is economical at many places and may lead to self-reliance in fuel crisis.

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